The Looptrotter Modular Console is now available worldwide!

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Our Modular Console is now available wordwide! It's fully customizable and compatible with every 500s unit available on the market.


New designs on the way! Looptrotter Channel Strip is currently in development. More details soon!


Everyday, we make sure that our products are as good as possible. Since we do not want to copy anybody we spend a lot of time developing dew designs. Looptrotter Channel Strip is being born.


Nashville based renown Producer/Engineer Travis Ball joined the Looptrotter Family


"When I was racking up and patching in the Looptrotter Audio Monster for the first time I was expecting to be underwhelmed about a relatively unheard piece of gear. After getting orientated with the controls what I found couldn’t have been further from my expectations.
The Monster is packed full of a wide range of sounds from colored and smooth to extreme and aggressive! First and foremost, it just is a good sounding box. Just by inserting it on to a source (especially a bus) with very light processing the Monster instantly brings out a warm sonic signature with a fantastic sense of depth one might equate to the sound of some recording consoles. Dialing up the compression and saturation really starts adding on the color and vibe which on the right source can transform sound in numerous pleasing ways. In the few days I have had the Monster it has rescued a pair of thin, lifeless sounding cymbals into something rich with harmonic content that was no longer harsh and brittle but smooth and controlled. In addition I have also loved it on my music bus which has taking my hybrid studio further into the analog world with a sound I didn’t think I would be able to achieve by just adding a single piece of gear to my workflow. The Monster also sounds great on synths that you want to beef up and add huge amounts of saturation to! By cranking the saturation circuit and adding the even harmonics by flipping on the 2nd boost you can transform a boring and sterile virtual instrument into something oozing character. I can’t wait to further explore the sonic possibilities of what the Monster has to offer, it has found a long term home in my studio!"


One of the first Looptrotter consoles is almost ready!


The build of one of the first Looptrotter consoles in this beautiful, brand new recording studio in Warsaw, Poland is almost ready! Have a look!


Looptrotter debut at the NAMM Show 2018


Legendary producer Sylvia Massy presented our latest creation, 16 channel analog console. It was designed to be compatible with every 500s unit on the market making it the most versatile analog console available today. Our debut created a lot of buzz which made us very happy! Thank you NAMM Show! It was incredible experience. See you next year!


Sylvia Massy fell in love with our compressors!


"The Looptrotter Emperor and Monster compressors are subtle or aggresive as needed. They are an important part of my analog studio and get used on every session. This is a company to watch! "

Sylvia Massy Record Producer/Engineer (Johny Cash, Prince, System of a Down, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers )


One of Poland's top music producers joined the Looptrotter Family!


"Every record producer needs his own, unique set of tools and Looptrotter makes the most musical, high end studio gear in the world. Cannot imagine making music without their toys. So happy to be officially endorsed by this great company"

Michal Nocny Record Producer/Engineer


Robert L. Smith and his Monster Compressor


"My friends @looptrotter asked for my critique of their Monster Compressor, and I look forward to be added to their new website! "The Monster Compressor is such a breath of fresh air to those of us that live recording studios. It doesn't attempt to imitate any of the old standards we know, but instead gives us a unique method and flavor that is incredible. My recording, mixing and mastering have benefited from the Monster immeasurably. I look forward to hearing what the Emperor Limiter does as well. All I can say is, thank you, Looptrotter for trying something different! We appreciate it more than you know".

Robert L. Smith Oscar & Grammy Winning, Emmy nominated producer/engineer (Lady GaGa, U2, David Bowie,Aerosmith) Defy Recordings, NYC


Rick King and his one of a kind steel Monster Compressor


"There's exactly three things that I love in life: my wife, pizza and Looptrotter gear. True story. After demoing the Monster Compressor in my studio, it was instantly apparent that I couldn't live without it. The quality of the gear is matched only by the passion of the guys building and designing it. My mixes are better because of Looptrotter and yours will be too"

Rick King King Sound Studio