EMPEROR 500 test in Estrada i Studio


With a great pleasure we invite you all to check on the newest issue of Estrada i Studio and read the review of EMPEROR 500.

We are more than happy that EMPEROR 500 has been honoured with a “Our Type” mark!

Thank you!

Summary “The fact that the Emperor is a processor quite difficult to classify only emphasizes its originality and uniqueness in the world dominated by clones and devices of the “me too” kind. Although it’s equipped only in three knobs and four buttons, it offers far more possibilities of shaping the final sound effect than loaded with buttons and switches plugins, or some of those insanely expensive, boutique, handmade, more or less successful copies of classics.

Here the bold technological idea is on top, along with un unorthodox approach to the subject and many years of research and experiments. And if I was to point a processor closest to Emperor 500 in the final sound effect, I basically think only of Empirical Labs FATSO. The manufacturer’s advertisement slogan is “Once you start using it, you’ll never want to be without it!”

I think the Looptrotter Audio Engineering can successfully adapt a similar slogan for the Emperor, perhaps modified a bit “Once you start using it, you’ll never stop!”

Ladies and gentlemen show well deserved respect - here’s Your Emperor , and Our Type”

Jarosław Stubiński - EiS 03/2015