Impressions after 138th Audio Engineering Society Convention in Warsaw


Within those three days, the colourful stand of MJ Audio Lab, our distributor in Poland, that we shared with, was visited by our friends in music industry, current users and also representatives of our distributors in the world. The stand enjoyed a significant interest from visitors who haven't had a chance to get familiar with Looptrotter gear yet. All of those meetings and conversations are very precious to us. Thanks to those we have a feedback what else can we do to satisfy the needs of our users, the current ones as well as the new ones.

The third day was especially exciting, when Dave Hill, the founder and designer of devices by Crane Song, came by to "play" with our Monster Compressor. The opinion and suggestions of a man, who dedicated his whole life to creating a sound processing gear is priceless!

We'd like to sincerely thank you all who visited us. See you again on the next event!

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