The new version of limiter EMPEROR 500


It’s been few years since the premiere of EMPEROR 500 limiter. Within the time we managed to accumulate few precious remarks and experiences resulting from the reality of studio work. Initially the EMPEROR lacked deliberately the gain reduction indicator. Is was supposed to increase the creativity during work and make one rely solely on hearing and not looking at an indicator. However this solution makes sense when working only with the EMPEROR, when with more units, during a recording session or mixing it’s worth to actually “see” what is happening on individual tracks and devices. This is why the new version of EMPEROR limiter does have gain reduction indicator. An additional improvement to the new version is implementing selected capacitors, designed specifically for audio signal, in the signal path, which benefits the quality of the processed signal.

EMPEROR 500 limiter has its own analogue character and sound, unattainable in the digital world, thus feel encouraged to test yourself.

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More information here: http://looptrotter.com.pl/500_en/emperor-500.html