"Should my work consisted exclusively of mixing recordings, I wouldn't hesitate a moment to base my system on Satur-8 units. The initial mix and automation in DAW, and the final bounce through Looptrotter and it's knobs".

"There is however a significant group of sound engineers that attentively look at such solutions, sensing the chance of getting a tiny bit better mixes than the competitors bouncing chiefly in the box".


“Eight channels of saturation, distinctive yellow panel and Looptrotter logo. It sounds excellent on its own. Let alone when we plug the device in and insert it in our audio system! (…)

(…) Satur-8 EX is yet another wonderfully sounding device with yellow panel and every missed chance of testing it should be pursued and punished.”


“The fact that the Emperor is a processor quite difficult to classify only emphasizes its originality and uniqueness in the world dominated by clones and devices of the “me too” kind. Although it’s equipped only in three knobs and four buttons, it offers far more possibilities of shaping the final sound effect than loaded with buttons and switches plugins, or some of those insanely expensive, boutique, handmade, more or less successful copies of classics.”


“(…) What is Saturamp? It’s a microphone preamplifier with a saturation option well known from other units by this manufacturer, being practically it’s trade mark. The solution chose by Andrzej Starzyk this time is exceptionally original (for the lunchbox modules) and not less ingenious.(…)”


“(…) SATUR-8 is the highest quality device enriching and warming the sound.

Its greatest advantage is first of all a perfect sound. All instruments sound more complete, clear and significantly more dynamic, what is especially important in case of drums. Additional benefits are the ability of summing the tracks and cooperation with other devices alike.”


"Monster Monster?"

"Looptrotter’s debut product is a snarling beast of a processor that’s one of a kind. Like the paint job, the effect won’t be to everyone’s taste, and it won’t get used on every source — but if you work in rock, pop, electro or any one of a whole range of urban genres, I can’t imagine you not finding a use for it and being happy with the results! This thing is dripping with a dirty, distorted character that’s quite literally music to my ears. Balancing that with the more mundane yet useful features, such as matched components on each channel and detented, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending that you audition this processor."


"There are many compressors out there, and many tube processors too, but nothing that I can think of does exactly what the Monster does, and certainly not in one box — so to achieve similar effects, I’d be thinking of pairing various other devices together. A Universal Audio 1176 used with an LA2A would give you more flexibility in some ways, and would be capable of some broadly similar sounds, but it wouldn’t give you everything the Monster can offer. You could perhaps throw into the mix some of the Thermionic Culture tube processors, or the more general sound-mangling capabilities of the Chandler Germanium, Empirical Labs Distressor and the Evol Audio Fucifier. These can be very rewarding devices in their own right, but again, will not be quite the same."


"(...) The Monster stamped its sonic signature across everything we tried it on. It probably wouldn't be the first choice of compressor for those who record mainly acoustic music, but for anyone wanting a high-quality, versatile and modern- sounding unit to heavily process all manner of rock, pop and dance, the Monster should be given serious consideration"


“(…) As far as the sound is concerned Looptrotter Monster Compressor is a world’s league. The craftsmanship is of supreme quality, the sound also leaves no doubts – this is a world class device, and if only your wallet can take it, it’s worth considering – the marketing aspect of owning this one, may also be important. I recommend!”


”(…) I don’t want to compete in any way with classic designs, or clone them. Those are the devices built in another era, they sound amazing, have properties suitable to the applications they were designed for, but now we have different times, digital era arrived and the analogue equipment needs to adapt to a changing environment.”


“(…) Looptrotter Monster Compressor is a perfect studio device for everyone in need of a solid and rich sound of drums, bass guitar or other instruments. It’s worth adding that Monster does equally well with mastering. I haven’t heard of any alike dynamics processor, but the price of similarly sounding devices by western brands is at least double the one of ‘yellow dragon from Poland’.”


”Monster Compressor is a high quality product comparable to renowned western made devices. The most important thing is its uniqueness. It is not a clone of some classic compressor, whose only goal is to reproduce the sound effects in a lower price. The only link to the world of classics is the use of FET transistor for level reduction, all the rest are original designs, among those the operational amplifiers, build on discreet elements, or valve saturation module.(…)”