LOOPTROTTER SAT 500 is a single channel module in 500 format fitted with Looptrotter’s world famous saturation circuit. I was created to add low order harmonics and smoothly even the signal, all in an amazingly musical and ear friendly way, significantly increasing the RMS level at the same time.




DRIVE controls the input level of the processed signal and the depth of saturation.


PROCESS (True Bypass) allows to switch between dry and saturated signal. The amount of added harmonics is indicated by two LEDs, lighting up at 4 and 8% THD.


HI SMOOTH function boosts high frequencies before the saturation circuit and attenuates them after. This allows higher saturation of high frequencies with harmonics, and smoothes the signal with subtle compression to the ear.


The LO SAFE option turns on the pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuit, “preventing” the lowest frequencies from distortion. This option is specifically useful while processing instruments with content rich in low frequencies, bass, kick drum, drum group or the whole mix.



Independent DRY and WET signal control allows to achieve perfect blend between processed and dry signal in chain. The module may sound very subtle, adding slight colorization or aggressive when 100% of saturation is engaged.




Supporting documentation and software