The Looptrotter Sa2Rate Plugin is here 


Saturation has always been a “secret” ingredient which makes our favorite records so pleasant to listen to. Now you can experience Looptrotter’s world famous solid-state saturation in the digital domain with additional features available only in the plugin. Get creative and add depth, excitement and punch to your beats, vocals, groups of instruments or the whole mix. 


Enhanced sonics through tasteful saturation

Looptrotter’s world-famous solid state saturation circuit adds low order harmonics, while smoothly evening out sounds in a musical and ear-friendly way. Use SA2RATE 2 to significantly increase your RMS level without raising peaks (and without introducing the artifacts of overcompression and limiting) all while adding welcome analog character to your mixes.



Custom-tailored saturation for clearer lows and smoother highs

SA2RATE 2 employs two unique circuits to help avoid the most common problems associated with oversaturation. “LO Safe” engages a pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuit to prevent the lowest frequencies from distorting, allowing sources like kick, bass, drum groups and mix buses retain the power and clarity in their lows. Meanwhile, “HI Smooth” boosts high frequencies before the saturation circuit and attenuates them afterwards for deeper saturation and greater transient control of higher frequencies without added harshness.



Easily dial in the perfect character without overdoing it

SA2RATE 2’s Drive control adjusts the input level and the depth of the saturation at once, with the amount of added harmonics indicated by two LEDs that light up at 4% and 8% THD. Independent DRY and WET signal control lets you achieve the perfect blend between the processed and dry signal, allowing the plugin to sound very subtle, adding only slight coloration, or bold and aggressive with 100% saturation engaged.


The LO Safe & HI Smooth filters have been upgraded further with the option of tuning their center frequencies to your taste and are only available in the digital domain. Also added is the “Magic” feature from Looptrotter’s SATUR 8/24 summing mixer which warms up and opens the whole mix, giving it a wide, vivid, analog feel. Also included are M/S functionality for dialing in separate saturation to mids and sides, the Mono Maker, Stereo Width, new Density feature and the ground-breaking TMT offering an unrivaled analog experience in the box.

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